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Flip Box

With the Flip Box module, you can create interactive blurbs with a twist. Reveal additional content on the back of the module on hover. You can add an icon and/or Image, Title Text, Descriptions, and a Button on both sides independently. This module is great for showcasing your portfolio, services, events, products, and more!

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 Content Settings

In this section, you can add the Title, Image or Icon, Body Text, and enable/disable the Button on the front and back of the card. To add content to your Flip Box module go to Content → Front Side/Back Side


In this tab, you can define the height of the card, animation speed, and content alignment on the front and/or back card. Customize these settings in Content → Settings

Flip Animation

The Flip Animation settings are a core part of this module. Here you can select the animation direction, add 3D Content Effects, or enable a 3D Flipbox Effect. To access animation settings go to Content → Flip Animation

Design Settings

In the Design Tab, you’ll find customization options for all the Flip Box elements, as well as the usual default Divi module settings.

Front Background – Add background color or image to the front
Back Background – Add background color or image to the back
Front Image/Icon – Customize the front image or icon
Back Image/Icon – Customize the back image or icon
Front Text – Customize the front text (title & description)
Back Text – Customize the back text (title & description)
Front Button – Customize the front button
Back Button – customize the back button

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