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Price List

The Price List module has been developed to help you easily display price lists on Divi websites. This module is a great addition for restaurants, cafes, and bistro websites (and many more) as it can be used for displaying any items where a list view is required. You can add an item image, title, price, and description. Each element can be fully customized to fit your company’s brand, color scheme, and style.

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In the main Content tab, you can add price list items as child modules.

Design → Layout

In this tab, you can control the Price List title and Image alignment. For these elements, the following settings are available:

Center – Define the number of columns for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Flex Start – Set the spacing between testimonial boxes.
Flex End – Select the default grid slider or Coverflow effect.
Baseline – Set the angle for Coverflow 3D effects.

Design → Image

In this section, you can customize the price list item images. You can set image spacing, image width, add rounded corners, borders, and shadows.

Design → Separator

The Price List module allows you to use separators between the Title and Price. This separator can be customized by selecting the separator style, weight, color, and spacing.

Design →  Text

In this tab, you can customize the Price List text: title, description text, and price.

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