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Star Rating

Easily add Star Ratings to your Divi website! This flexible module allows you to add and customize star ratings on any page. It has plenty of useful settings, like a star rating scale, so you can define your scale, whether 3, 5, 10, or more. It also allows you to add decimal values, switch the Display Type (Block/Inline), and show the rating number. All these elements can be easily customized in the Design tab.

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 Content → Rating

In this section, you can add the Title, Description, Rating Scale, and Rating, select the Display Type (block/inline), and enable/disable the Rating Number. The best part: you can pull the rating scale and the rating dynamically from custom post fields.

Design Settings

In the Design settings, you can customize each Star Rating module element.

Text – Customize the Title and Description text.
Star – Customize the Star Rating style – change alignment, size, icon spacing, color, and more.

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